About Capital Body Works

Capital Body Works manufactures Vehicle Bodies to a vast range of markets including  Government agencies, dealerships, fleet owners and the general public.

Our dedicated staff have in excess of 100 years combined experience in the Vehicle Body Industry and are committed to researching and developing new products to expand our already extensive industry knowledge.

All bodies are custom built to meet the individual specifications of our customers and we also offer refurbishments, changeovers and heavy repair to existing fleets.  We have quality control procedures in place to ensure a high standard is maintained throughout the build procedure.

Capital Body Works has fast become our customers first choice for repeat business because of our product quality, industry knowledge, on time delivery and after sales service

* Tippers

* Tabletops

* Water Tankers

* Bin Lifters

* Maintenance Vehicles

* Beaver Tails

* Wood Chipper Truck

* SES Vehicles

* Rural Fire Truck

* Service Vehicles

* Industrial Caravans

* Dog Trailers

* Plant Trailer

* Truck with Removable Gates

* Van Conversions (TEPS)

* Military Ambulance

* Military GMV

* Military ERV

* Cattle Crates

* Horse Trucks

About Capital Body Works

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